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      EOR(Enhanced Oil Recovery) - chinafloc.com

      EOR(Enhanced Oil Recovery) This product is a trpe of ultra-high molecular polyacrylamide specifically produced for oilfield polymer flooding process(EOR)by adopting a new technology.highest molecular weight goes uo tp 25million,moderate hydrolysis,high viscosity and fine solubility..

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      Polyacrylamide For Eor, Polyacrylamide For Eor ... - Alibaba

      Alibaba.com offers 228 polyacrylamide for eor products. About 67% of these are petroleum additives, 66% are paper chemicals, and 42% are water treatment chemicals. A wide variety of polyacrylamide for eor options are available to you, such as coating auxiliary agents, petroleum additives, and plastic auxiliary agents.

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      Anionic polyacrylamide used for EOR(Enhanced Oil Recovery

      Chinafloc A2320 is a specifal size of anionic polyacrylamie with high molecular weight used for. EOR(Enhanced Oil Recovery) 1. Product characteristics. This product is a trpe of ultra-high molecular polyacrylamide specifically produced for oilfield polymer flooding. process(EOR)by adopting a new technology.highest molecular weight goes uo tp 25million,moderate hydrolysis, high viscosity and fine solubility. 2.specifications

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      Anionic Pam For Eor, Anionic Pam For Eor Suppliers

      Alibaba.com offers 65 anionic pam for eor products. About 70% of these are petroleum additives, 56% are paper chemicals, and 46% are water treatment chemicals. A wide variety of anionic pam for eor options are available to you, such as coating auxiliary agents, paper chemicals, and water treatment chemicals.

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      Anionic Polyacrylamide PAM & Copolymer & Flocculants For Oil

      As one of the leading oil field additives manufacturers, SINOFLOC anionic polyacrylamide has been widely used as enhanced oil recovery (EOR), friction reducer, fracturing fluid additives and drilling fluids additives in oil & gas industry. Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) SINOFLOC manufactures a complete range of anionic polyacrylamide PAM for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR).

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      Polyacrylamide for EOR - Oil Field Chemicals - BLUWAT

      DESCRIPTION: BLUFLOC EOR SERIES PHPA (partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide), have powder and liquid types, manufactured with different molecular weight specially for drilling and EOR(Enhanced Oil Recovery) in oil field under new high-tech technology. ADVANTAGES: 1. This process has been used for several years in assisting oil field to increase the efficiency of oil recovery.

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      Welcome to consult high quality flocculant anionic polyacrylamide for water treatment price with Shandong Tongli Chemical Co.,Ltd, which is one of the leading high quality flocculant anionic polyacrylamide for water treatment suppliers in China and also a productive high quality flocculant anionic polyacrylamide for water treatment factory.

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      PDF Overview of Chemical EOR - Laramie, Wyoming

      • Best commercial projects have produced about 1 incremental STB of oil for each $1 or $2 of polymer injected and about 12% OOIP • Applicable to light and medium gravity oils with viscosities up to at least 200 cp • Limited to reservoirs with remaining oil saturation above residual oil saturation

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      Polyacrylamide and its derivatives for oil recovery

      POLYACRYLAMIDE AND ITS DERIVATIVES FOR OIL RECOVERY By Zun Chen A DISSERTATION Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of the MISSOURI UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY In CHEMISTRY 2016 Approved by Dr. Thomas P. Schuman, Advisor Dr. Baojun Bai, Co-advisor

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      China Polyacrylamide Suppliers and Factory - Polyacrylamide

      Welcome to consult polyacrylamide price with Shandong Tongli Chemical Co.,Ltd, which is one of the leading polyacrylamide suppliers in China and also a productive PAM, PHPA, polyelectrolyte, polyelectrolite, flocculant, polymer, SAP factory.

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      anionic polyacrylamide phpa pam - okchem.com

      The use of this flocculant ensures high clarity of the treated water, remarkable increase of the sedimentation rate as well as the possibility to operate over a wide PH range. Our core products are inorganic coagulants and organic flocculants for the treatment of water and polymer, Polyacrylamide for oil/gas drilling and enhanced oil recovery.

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      Anionic Polyacrylamide : Manufacturers, Suppliers

      anionic polyacrylamide Product features anionic polyacrylamide series product is easily soluble in water and nearly insoluble in benzene, diethyl ether and acetone. It is widely used in oil extraction, mineral separation, coal washing, metallurgy, chemical, paper making, textile, sugar making, medical, construction material and agricultural ...

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      China Polyacrylamide manufacturer, Oil Displacement Agent

      Polyacrylamide, Oil Displacement Agent, Water Treatment Chemicals, Enhance Oil Recovery, Oilfield Water Shutoff Agent, Flooding Chemical Additives Company Introduction ZL is a provider of leading technology in polyacrylamide ("PAM") products and related services for the fast growing enhanced oil recovery and wastewater treatment industries.

    • asian journal of chemistry; vol. 25, no. 13 (2013), 7071-7074

      Asian Journal of Chemistry; Vol. 25, No. 13 (2013), 7071-7074

      Anionic polyacrylamide (APAM) is a kind of polyacryl-amide (P AM) and sho ws electr one ga tive w hic h contains func-tional groups of sulfonic acid, phosphoric acid or carboxylic acid1. Due to more charge, the molecular chain of polymer can be more stretching in the water which will increase the

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      PDF University of Groningen Synthesis and evaluation of novel

      (~100$ per barrel). Given the low oil price at that time, the EOR techniques were not fully developed and their application was limited to only a few projects. Nevertheless, much experience has been gained through the EOR projects. The focus of oil companies has now turned back to EOR because of the steep increase of the oil prices and the ...

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      High Quality PAM polymer Water Treatment, View PAM polymer

      Polyacrylamide is simply called PAM, a water- soluble high flocculant polymer and widely used in petroleum, paper-making, metallurgical, textile,sugar refing and environment protection fields. There are three categories of Anionic, Cationic and Non-ionic type.

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      China Polyacrylamide manufacturer, PAM, Water Treatment

      3) EOR fields: The types and capability of macromolecule and super-macromolecule adopted in the third oil extraction (EOR) of the oilfield: 4) Flocculant: Used widely for waste water treatment; Industry sewage treatment, especially the sewage with high density, bit suspending granules, such as, the ...

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      Polyacrylamide, as a flocculant, can be widely used in industrial waste water,mixed industrial-domestic wastewater, sewage treatment. Also,its application areas include the following fields for its solid-liquid separation property:Petroleum, metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry, papermaking, printing and dyeing, coal, tanning, pharmaceutical, food, stone,and so on.

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      Anionic high molecular weight polymers are used for flocculating negatively charged particles by interaction with suitable cationic adsorption sites e.g. Ca 2+, Mg 2+, Al 3+, Fe 2+ and Fe 3+. Nonionic polyacrylamides are very effective in mineral and textiles processing applications.

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      Polyacrylamide | Manufacturer.com

      We supply high quality anionic polyacrylamide with all grades for water ... high viscosity of anionic polyacrylamide used for oil ... US $2000.00-2500.00. 3. Application In oil exploitation, polyacrylamide is mainly used for drilling mud as well as Enhanced Oil Recovery, etc., which is widely ...

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      Polyacrylamide Market by Type (Anionic, Cationic, Non-Ionic

      It increases the aggregation of small particles, owing to its high molecular weight and good solubility. The growing demand for anionic polyacrylamide in water recycling and water clarification are some of the factors expected to drive the growth of this segment. Rising demand for enhanced oil recovery in emerging markets in Asia-Pacific is one ...

    • pdf anionic polyacrylamide (pam) erosion control

      PDF Anionic Polyacrylamide (Pam) Erosion Control

      ANIONIC POLYACRYLAMIDE (PAM) EROSION CONTROL (Acre) CODE 450 DEFINITION Erosion control through application of water-soluble anionic polyacrylamide (PAM). PURPOSE This practice is applied as part of a conservation management system to support one or more of the following: • Minimize or control irrigation-induced soil erosion.

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      PDF Anionic Polyacrylamide (Pam) Application

      Application of water-soluble Anionic Polyacrylamide (PAM) to meet a resource concern. PURPOSE This practice may be applied as part of a resource management system to achieve one or more of the following purposes: • Reduce soil erosion by water or wind. • Improve water quality. • Improve air quality by reducing dust emissions.

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      acrylamide polymer - Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary

      A linear, nonionic polymer made of acrylamide monomers, CH 2 =CHCONH 2.High molecular-weight polyacrylamides are used as selective flocculants in clear-water drilling, low-solids muds and wastewater cleanup.Polymers made of smaller molecules are used as clay deflocculants in water muds, which can contain hardness ions.

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      Polyacrylamide - Wikipedia

      Another common use of polyacrylamide and its derivatives is in subsurface applications such as Enhanced Oil Recovery. High viscosity aqueous solutions can be generated with low concentrations of polyacrylamide polymers, and these can be injected to improve the economics of conventional waterflooding.

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      Properties of Polyacrylamides - polymerdatabase.com

      Polyacylamides are high molecular weight water soluble or swellable polymers formed from acrylamide or its derivatives. Their glass transition temperature is well above room temperature (> 400 K). The only commercially important polyacrylamide is poly(2-propenamide) which is simply called polyacrylamide or PAM [-CH 2 CH(CONH 2)-]. It is a non ...

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      Anionic Polyacrylamide - Polyacrylamide/PHPA - BLUWAT

      Blufloc Anionic Polyacrylamide, is solid powder water-soluble polymer with varying molecular weight and charge density. It is most often used to increase the viscosity of water (creating a thicker solution) or to encourage flocculation of particles present in water and allow rapid settlement of finely suspended solids.

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      Polyacrylamide, Polyacrylamide direct from Anhui Pston

      Search High Quality Polyacrylamide Manufacturing and Exporting supplier on Alibaba.com. Alibaba.com. ... BEST PRICE WATER TREATMENT PLANT USE ANIONIC CATIONIC NONIONIC PAM POLYACRYLAMIDE. ... EOR / DRILLING FLUID / OILFIELD / OIL DRILLING ANIONIC POLYACRYLAMIDE PAM. $1,500.00 - $2,800.00 ...

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      Polyacrylamide, PAM, anionic polyacrylamide

      The ultra-high molecular weight polyacrylamide is mainly used in EOR exploitation. 3). It can be used in the dressing process in the textile and rug industry, rapid hardening of cement and coating of synthetic resin.

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      Polymer waterflooding

      Fig. 1 - Schematic of the polymer waterflooding process. The method shown requires a preflush to condition the reservoir, the injection of a polymer solution for mobility control to minimize channeling, and a driving fluid (water) to move the polymer solution and resulting oil bank to production wells.