High Cationic Charge Polyacrylamide Polymer Powder for high density effluent for oil exploitation

    • high cationic charge polymer - alibaba

      high cationic charge polymer - Alibaba

      Alibaba.com offers 94 high cationic charge polymer products. About 12% of these are paper chemicals, 9% are water treatment chemicals. A wide variety of high cationic charge polymer options are available to you, such as water treatment chemicals, coating auxiliary agents, and paper chemicals.

    • very high molecular weight cationic polyacrylamide - accepta

      Very High Molecular Weight Cationic Polyacrylamide - Accepta

      Very high molecular weight cationic polyacrylamide with a mole charge of 35%. Accepta 4222 is a versatile polymer that is particularly useful for wastewater treatment applications including belt filter, centrifuge and screw press de watering, water clarification, filtration, thickening or use in a Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) plant...

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      Polyacrylamide Density Wholesale, Density Suppliers - Alibaba

      Alibaba.com offers 108 polyacrylamide density products. About 16% of these are electronics chemicals. A wide variety of polyacrylamide density options are available to you, such as paid samples, free samples.

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      TRAMFLOC, INC. - More Than You Really Want To Know About Polymers

      Provides more than you really want to know about polymers, water chemicals and equipment for potable, waste and process water in industrial, municipal and mining treatment systems. Over 500 formulations are available plus custom blending. Tramfloc manufactures flocculants, coagulants, water soluble polymers, emulsion breakers, dewatering agents, tailings and concentrate treatment.

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      Anionic/Cationic/Nonionic/Zwitterionic Polyacrylamide for

      Basic Info Product Description 1. 20 years experience 2.high quality with fast delivery and good price 3. samples free withth 1kg 4.the first-tier suppliers of PetroChina, CNOOC, Sinopec, and have their network access license I.Product Advantages: 1).

    • flocculation properties and kinetic investigation of

      Flocculation properties and kinetic investigation of

      A novel cationic polyacrylamide (PAMC) with various cationic monomer contents were prepared by copolymerizing acrylamide (AM) and methacryloxyethyl trimethyl ammonium chloride aqu

    • water soluble polymer flocculants: synthesis

      Water Soluble Polymer Flocculants: Synthesis

      In a more precise classification, if the charges are introduced by copolymerizing cationic and anionic monomers, the polymer is called amphoteric, whereas if the polymer is made of a monomer that has both cationic and anionic groups (overall zero charge), it is called zwitterionic or betaines. 40 Comprehensive reviews on this special class of ...

    • pdf liquid / solids separation in wastewater treatment

      PDF Liquid / Solids Separation in Wastewater Treatment


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      Polymers for Water Clarification - treating water and wastewater

      Tramfloc Polymers for Water Clarification Water Clarification: DESCRIPTION. Tramfloc, Inc. offers a complete line of polyelectrolytes for water clarification. The polymer product line includes a series of synthetic organic polymers which possess a progressive degree of anionic or cationic charge.

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      Flocculants and Coagulants | ChemTreat, Inc.

      Flocculation and coagulation treatment chemicals are used in effluent wastewater water treatment processes for solids removal, water clarification, lime softening, sludge thickening, and solids dewatering. Coagulants neutralize the negative electrical charge on particles, which destabilizes the forces keeping colloids apart.

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      PDF Water Soluble Polymers - snf.com.au

      high-speed Brownian motion - the speed is between 0.004 m/s in the case of the largest particles and 100 m/s in the case of the smallest.These particles also have a very high specific surface area (inversely propor-tional to the particle diameter).They are therefore more sensitive to surface phenomena than to gravitational

    • polydadmac and polyacrylamide as a hybrid flocculation system

      PolyDADMAC and polyacrylamide as a hybrid flocculation system

      High charge density cationic polyacrylamide (485 C/g) is the most effective polymer as it obtains 98% turbidity removal, 98.7% suspended solids removal and 54% chemical oxygen demand removal with ...

    • liquid quaternary ammonium polymer cationic polyelectrolyte

      Liquid Quaternary Ammonium Polymer Cationic Polyelectrolyte

      Liquid Cationic Polyelectrolyte Quaternary Ammonium Polymer for Africa Drinking Water Treatment . Description: This cationic polyelectrolyte is Quaternary Ammonium Polymer, liquid type with high density of cation, widely used for Africa drinking water treatment with high efficiency.

    • poly ferric sulfate inorganic high polymer flocculating agent

      Poly Ferric Sulfate inorganic High Polymer Flocculating Agent

      Poly Ferric Sulfate inorganic High Polymer Flocculating Agent for Municipal Sewage Treatment. PFS (poly ferric sulphate) Description: PFS(poly ferric sulphate), light yellow powder or deep red liquid, is a kind of inorganic high polymer flocculating agent, which features are high density of alumen ustum, high speed of precipitation,high rate of pollution removal and low amount of sewage...

    • flocculation mechanism induced by cationic polymers

      Flocculation Mechanism Induced by Cationic Polymers

      Three cationic polymers with molecular weights and charge densities of 3.0 × 105 g/mol and 10%, 1.1 × 105 g/mol and 40%, and 1.2 × 105 g/mol and 100% were chosen as flocculants to aggregate silica particles (90 nm), under various conditions, including change in polymer dosage, particle concentration, background electrolyte concentration, and shear rate.

    • effective coagulation-flocculation treatment of highly

      Effective coagulation-flocculation treatment of highly

      The results show that ferric chloride as a sole coagulant can achieve high colour removal of more than 80% without needed for pH adjustment, which indicates the effectiveness of the coagulant to treat palm oil mill biogas plant wastewater (POMBPW).However, dual coagulants i.e. ferric chloride-anionic polyacrylamide (APAM) shows better ...

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      China Hot Sell High-Efficiency Water Treatment Chemical

      Welcome to consult hot sell high-efficiency water treatment chemical flocculant anionic polyacrylamide (apam) for sale with low price price with Shandong Tongli Chemical Co.,Ltd, which is one of the leading hot sell high-efficiency water treatment chemical flocculant anionic polyacrylamide (apam) for sale with low price suppliers in China and also a productive hot sell high-efficiency water ...

    • chapter 7 flocculation with polymers - sciencedirect

      Chapter 7 Flocculation with polymers - ScienceDirect

      For high molecular cationic polymer, the hydrolyzed cationic groups electrostatically adsorb and neutralize some of the negative charges on the particles, so that they form floc by electrostatic bridging with the remaining negative charged sites as shown in Fig. 7.10.

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      pdda polymer Manufacturers and Suppliers China - Factory

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    • water soluble polymer flocculants: synthesis

      Water Soluble Polymer Flocculants: Synthesis

      Sun et al. grafted acrylamide and [2‐(acryloyloxy)ethyl] trimethylammonium chloride onto chitosan by UV initiation to control polymer microstructure and charge density of the flocculant, since acrylamide can form high molecular weight polymers and the quaternary ammonium monomer imparts cationicity to the flocculant. 73 They used the ...

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      Polyelectrolyte - Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters in India

      We are considered as one of the chief Liquid Polyelectrolyte Manufacturers, based in India. Our Organic Polyelectrolyte is a polymer that is highly efficient to eliminate oil and solids from the water. The Polyelectrolyte, available with us, is high on demand in Indian as well as more...

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      US20050192402A1 - Google Patents

      If the polymer has a high molecular weight it can be use as a single component retention and strength additive. If the polymer has a relatively low molecular weight, it can be conveniently used as coagulant and can be combined with a high-molecular-weight, low-charge-density polymer that serves as a flocculent.

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      Drilling fluid loss additives supplier, Corrosion inhibitor

      LEAD OILFIELD SOLUTIONS COMPANY is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Drilling fluid loss additives, Corrosion inhibitor,Demulsifier and Sodium bromide in China since 2007.We produce such as oil drilling chemicals,drilling fluids additivies,Sodium Bromide etc.

    • implications for public health demands alternatives to

      Implications for public health demands alternatives to

      Furthermore, the addition of this composite flocculant to dye solutions for textile industries generated a high flocculating efficiently. The flocculating competence depends on the percentage of organic polymer used, since PFC‐PDMDAAC carries a higher cationic charge when compared to PFC (Gao et al. 2007; Wang et al. 2007a,b).

    • (pdf) polymer retention during polymer flooding | 明贵 陈

      (Pdf) Polymer Retention During Polymer Flooding | 明贵 陈

      Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers.

    • sewage polluted water treatment via chitosan: a review

      Sewage Polluted Water Treatment via Chitosan: A Review

      The pH dependency of the CS is linked to the charge density, as confirmed by several authors, providing a double-edged sword [38, 39]. The pH of an effluent can scarcely be adapted due to the commonly high volumes of wastewater generated.

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      Drilling Fluids Flashcards | Quizlet

      High-molecular weight PHPA is used as a shale-stabilizing polymer in PHPA mud systems. It is also used as clay extender, either dry-mixed into clay or added at the rig to a low-bentonite mud. PHPA can also be used to flocculate colloidal solids during clear-water drilling and for wastewater cleanup.

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      US7614507B2 - Water filter materials, water filters and kits

      A filter for providing potable water is provided. The filter includes a housing having an inlet and an outlet, a filter material disposed within the housing, the filter material formed at least in part from a plurality of mesoporous, basic, and reduced-oxygen activated carbon filter particles.